Lismore and its surrounding hinterland is known as the Rainbow Region. This label reflects the regions diversity and penchant for natural living. Often referred to as the birthplace of eco-tourism, the Rainbow Region contains nearly a third of NSW's forest reserves and has some of the most picturesque mountain scenery in the state.

In this unspoiled, lush and laid back pocket of far northern NSW is a city that boasts the culture and convenience of a major regional centre as well as an extraordinarily beautiful natural environment. The cultural hub of the region, Lismore plays host to significant theatrical, artistic and musical activities on a regular basis within a busy calendar of festivals and events.

Lismore also has the regions major services, shopping and sporting facilities making it a drawcard for residents of surrounding areas and adding to the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Whether you are looking for a short break from city life or a relaxing way to spend the school holidays, Lismore has something to offer all year round.

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